Fiber Reinforced Aerated Concrete 

FlexCrete Building Systems is an environmentally friendly material that meets the expectations of green products.  F.R.A.C Fiber Re-enforced Aerated Concrete was designed by Arizona State University. Years of testing and research has paved the way for a highly efficient way of building.

What is Fly Ash
Fly ash is produced by coal-fired electric or steam generating plants. Typically, coal is pulverized and blown with air into the boiler's combustion chamber where it immediately ignites, generating heat and producing a molten mineral residue. Boiler tubes extract heat from the boiler, cooling the flue gas and causing the molten mineral residue to harden and form ash. Coarse ash particles, referred to as bottom ash or slag, fall to the bottom of the combustion chamber, while the lighter fine ash particles, termed fly ash, remain suspended in the flue gas. Prior to exhausting the flue gas, fly ash is removed by particulate emission control devices, such as electrostatic precipitators or filter fabric bag-houses. More than 100 million tons of fly ash is 
produced each year and as much 20-30% is used in a variety of engineering applications [1]. Fly ash is classified mainly based on its chemical composition and oxide analysis.
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